The TC Blueprint by Alex Kolominsky

What’s a T.C and why should I invest in this e-Book?

A T.C (Transaction Coordinator) is the assistant to the Real Estate agent or For Sale By Owner (AKA, the home owner who’s selling the home without an agent) during a real estate sale. Just like real estate agents, there are many Transaction Coordinators out there making money and building their book of business by providing great service to their clients.

Do I need a license to work or build a T.C business?

No. Becoming a T.C is one of the very few entry level positions in Real Estate that will not require you to get licensed.

How much money does a T.C make?

On average, T.C’s earn anywhere from $350 to $1,000 per sale. Why not do this full-time or part time? Take a stab at becoming your own boss by taking a leap of faith right here, right now. If you you live in Southern California, you can become a Transaction Manager with The Skyworks Group and get paid $1,500 per deal.

Alex Kolominsky is a highly experienced real estate advisor and transaction coordinator that squeezed years of Transaction Coordinating experience into this easy to read, easy to learn 46 page e-Book, so you could stop wishing and dreaming about getting into the real estate business. Everything you need to know about HOW to work as a T.C and HOW to get business, is in this e-book, and in your self determination and hunger for success.

My E-Book “The T.C Blueprint” is now AVAILABLE worldwide for just $29.99! My E-Book teaches you how to become a TC, how to work for a listing agent, how to work for a buyer’s agent, how to work for a FSBO, I give advice and instruction on where and how to get new business, and how to turn this into a real business, including screenshots from real transaction coordinating deals I’ve been working on.

Invest in your own education for just $29.99. It’s the best and most inexpensive educational tool out there about Transaction Coordinating guaranteed and it’s been freshly updated (2020).

Don’t waste $300 dollars on some online course, not needed. This book has everything you need.

Go to to purchase The T.C Blueprint. Education is tax deductible 🤙🏻

For more information about T.C visit: and watch the How To T.C video.

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