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Alex Kolominsky
LIC 12340

Alex Kolominsky is a Multilingual Real Estate Entrepreneur that brings sales, marketing, negotiations, legal wisdom and outside-the-box strategies to inimitable levels.

As a native of Ukraine and Israel, his pragmatic approach and multicultural communication skills give him an edge when it comes to complex and competitive real estate deals, making him the obvious choice to lead sellers and buyers through and towards successful closings in any criteria of Real Estate.

Alex was born in Ukraine and Raised in Israel, with a background in electrical engineering and basketball, he brings both his analytical and competitive edge into real estate negotiations.

As the previous Business Development and Operations Manager of Balboa Real Estate, one of Southern California’s upcoming real estate brokerages, Alex gained extensive knowledge of the in’s and out’s of real estate by overseeing a diversified portfolio of over 150 yearly transactions from agents and broker associates.

In 2017-2018, Alex partnered up with EcoSteel, a luxury steel design/build firm to help wildfire victims rebuild commercial and residential real estate in affected areas throughout California. Gaining inside knowledge and experience in steel building construction, design and manufacturing while working boots-on-ground with wildfire victims and communities to rebuild what was lost.

In 2017, Alex had founded The Skyworks Group, an individually owned and operated branch of Balboa Real Estate with a small but yet exclusive agent roster that seeks to lead Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside counties with top-tier Real Estate services and solutions. Furthermore, Alex had founded LiveHomez, a real estate investment firm that partners up with investors to purchase, remodel and resell distressed assets nationwide.