Technology Driven Real Estate Market

Technology Driven Real Estate Market

It’s no secret that the Internet has changed the way real estate transactions are being made.

From listing a home on the MLS, to exchanging and signing documents via e-signature platforms, it’s impossible to deny that buying or selling property today is a lot easier than it was decades ago.

As a result, the way buyers shop for property and the way sellers sell their property, had change drastically for the better favor of buyers and sellers.

Sellers are enjoying massive social media exposure when their agents market on the MLS, and the data syndicates over to hundreds of real estate websites within minutes from the time of the listing.

Buyers are enjoying shopping from their fingertips, taking 3D tours of the homes, looking at Drone videos of houses and neighborhoods. Sometimes, even buying properties sight unseen!

Agents are experiencing both positives and negatives from this, as some agents are facing difficulties adapting to the new technology that gets introduced to the market almost on a monthly basis, while others are enjoying the benefits of the available real estate technology.

Here at Skyworks Real Estate Corporation, staying on top of the ever-changing real estate technology market and offering the newest and most convenient ways to sell or buy property, is on top of mind and is part of our mission of providing sellers with a premium end-to-end solution to the problem of selling for more, while enjoying the highest form of client representation.